The Legal Services Corporation’s meeting in Cleveland reminds us that access to justice is worth fighting for

The truth is, due process is growing harder to come by for many Americans.

Op-Ed (Ohio)

Lea Kayali
Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)
August 27, 2017

Tags: Access to Justice, Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


In July, I attended the Legal Services Corporation’s convention here in Cleveland. Established by Congress in 1974, the LSC funds civil legal aid across for low-income people across the country. At the meeting, the LSC unveiled their report The Justice Gap, which found that 71 percent of Americans eligible for legal assistance have experienced a civil legal problem, many have experienced several. The LSC estimates a staggering 86 percent of these cases are not being fully addressed.

These figures are particularly heartbreaking since President Trump’s 2018 budget plan would wipe out all federal funding for the LSC. This would eliminate a crucial tool in bringing equity to our justice system. The LSC operates by supporting state and local initiatives: programs that best comprehend the needs of communities.