These Cities Are About to Make It Harder for Landlords to Evict People

Their plan? Provide access to lawyers for as many low-income renters as possible.
News Story (District of Columbia, NATIONAL)

Jimmy Tobias
Nation, The
August 28, 2017

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia


After his eviction scare, Dillard wanted other tenants to benefit from the same sort of legal support he’d received, so he became an organizer with a Bronx-based housing-rights organization called Community Action for Safe Apartments, or CASA. He also took on a leadership role with the Right to Counsel NYC Coalition, the motivating force behind a visionary movement to guarantee all low-income tenants in New York City a right to legal counsel.

The coalition, which brings together legal-aid attorneys, tenant-rights groups, unions, faith organizations, and more, formed in 2014 and quickly started recruiting supporters for its cause.