Pro bono attorneys needed to address justice gap

Low-income Americans received no or inadequate legal help for 86 percent of their non-criminal legal problems, including domestic violence, divorce, child support, veterans' benefits, disability access, housing conditions and health care.

Letter to Editor (Illinois)

Linda Rio Reichmann
Chicago Tribune
August 30, 2017

Tags: Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC), Pro Bono Network (IL)


This shortage of pro bono attorneys not only affects the number of low-income or disadvantaged people served, but also the disposition of justice. Studies consistently show that the outcome of contested matters often turns on whether a low-income or disadvantaged person has representation.

Since 2011, Pro Bono Network has been working tirelessly to fill the gap in legal aid representation by expanding the pool of attorneys representing those who cannot afford legal services. The network recruits, trains, places and supports lawyers who want to use their legal education.