Not enough pro bono legal aid in Delaware, commission finds

The report found the state’s legal aid organizations currently have only enough resources to serve one eighth of Delaware’s low-income population.

News Story (Delaware)

Megan Pauly
WDDE (Dover, Delaware)
September 18, 2017

Tags: Access to Justice Commissions, Justice for All, Pro Bono

Organizations mentioned/involved: Delaware Access to Justice Commission


Rick Alexander chaired a subcommittee looking specifically at the delivery and funding of legal services for the poor.

“Imagine standing before a judge who will decide whether you retain custody of your child without a lawyer by your side,” Alexander said. “Or a mother seeking protection from an abusive spouse without a lawyer.”

In Delaware, the majority of those facing these legal issues in Family Court represent themselves. In FY2014, First State litigants represented themselves in 79% of custody cases, 72% of divorce cases, 47% of guardianship cases, 75% of protection from abuse cases and 97% of visitation cases.