Report: Many low-income Delawareans lack access to legal counsel

The three main nonprofits in the state that focus on legal assistance in civil cases can handle only a fraction of that due to a funding crisis — potentially leaving more than 120,000 people without counsel, officials say.

News Story (Delaware)

Matt Bittle
Delaware State News
September 19, 2017

Tags: Access to Justice Commissions, Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: Delaware Access to Justice Commission, Community Legal Aid Society (Delaware)


A report released Monday by three subgroups of a state committee focused on improving the court system highlights that imbalance and offers recommendations for better assisting individuals involved in civil cases.

The subcommittees are part of the Delaware Access to Justice Commission, an initiative started by the courts in 2014 to make the state’s courts fairer in both civil and criminal justice.

The findings released Monday mainly provided an examination of how the Delaware legal system serves low-income people.

The answer? Not always well.