Want justice? Fund Legal Aid

In our lifetimes, though, through legal aid programs we have made progress toward keeping the promise of justice for all. Now, the progress we have made is being threatened because Congress may stop funding legal aid.
Op-Ed (Oklahoma)

Molly Aspan, David Riggs
Tulsa World
September 21, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO)


Without federal funding for legal aid, thousands of our citizens will be denied legal assistance, leaving them without protection, while facing some of the worst consequences imaginable. With the kind of help legal aid provides, many individuals and their families are able to get past these problems and move on to live productive, happy lives.

Continued federal funding to legal aid programs is critical to ensure that the promise of equal justice under law is not just for those who can afford it, but truly for all of our citizens. We should all make an effort to see that our representatives and senators know the full, true story of how vital federal funding for legal aid is and the role it plays in our pledge of liberty and justice for all.