Michigan should rethink suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid court fees, new report says

A nationwide report says the practice unfairly punishes poor people by taking away their ability to drive legally. Some states are beginning to rethink this practice.

News Story (Michigan)

Bryce Huffman
Michigan Radio
September 26, 2017

Tags: Debtors Prison, Driver's license suspension

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Justice Center (Virginia)


According to the report, about 100,000 people in Michigan currently have their licenses suspended for inability to pay court fees.

Angela Ciolfi is with the Legal Aid Justice Center and is one of the authors. She says the report is just the beginning of the conversation on the so-called license-for-payment court system.

“The goal of this report is to demonstrate that this is a national problem, and that more states should reexamine their laws,” Ciolfi said.