1 in 9 licensed NC drivers suspended, but not for bad driving

The high number, and a relatively low churn rate of people getting their licenses back, points to a systemic problem for reform advocates, despite a state system that is more forgiving than others around the country.

News Story (NATIONAL, North Carolina)

Travis Fain
WRAL (Raleigh)
September 26, 2017

Tags: Debtors Prison, Driver's license suspension

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Justice Center (Virginia)


North Carolina is one of 43 states with some version of this policy, using driving privileges to collect court debts, according to a report out Tuesday from the Legal Aid Justice Center. The left-leaning group filed a federal lawsuit last year to change the practice in Virginia.

With public transportation routes limited, and many jobs requiring a driver’s license, suspensions make it difficult for people to earn enough money to pay their fines, the 50-state report concludes. In describing a cycle of poverty, the authors highlight the story of a Virginia mother convicted for grand larceny in 2002.