Tzedek DC Works To Close The Justice Gap

Debt-related civil legal disputes often have life-altering consequences: the loss of an indispensable driver’s license, the seizure of a bank account or garnishment of wages, and the inability to secure employment or housing due to a bad credit report.

Column (District of Columbia)

Anushay Hossain
Huffington Post
October 2, 2017

Tags: Consumer Protection, Debt Collection, Law School Clinics

Organizations mentioned/involved: Tzedek DC


Levinson-Waldman states that Tzedek DC’s focus is fundamentally on a civil rights issue, serving the communities where predatory abuses in lending and lawsuits have been most prevalent.

“Although there is well-established evidence that access to legal help in these cases makes a dramatic difference in the outcome, most people facing debt problems or a debt collection lawsuit get no legal help. Through our community outreach and education, policy reform, and direct legal services, Tzedek DC is working to change that.”