Las Vegas Victims Must Now Wrestle With Bills, Banks, and Bosses

Lawyers offer free help with the everyday issues as well as settling the affairs of 59 people murdered in America’s latest gun massacre.

News Story (Nevada)

Polly Mosendz
October 6, 2017

Tags: Gun Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada


Mass murder by firearm is a regular occurrence in America, with its unique political landscape and a gun culture that makes it the biggest repository of civilian-owned guns in the developed world. Police, hospitals, and other emergency personnel long ago incorporated mass attacks into their training regimens. Now, too, have lawyers. In the case of the Las Vegas assault, Miller, a community outreach director at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, said dozens of staff attorneys are lined up to help with these often exhausting, complicated, and emotionally fraught tasks—free of charge.