Public initiative links law and medicine

Legal challenges often translate into health problems. That is the premise of a new partnership that will launch publicly Saturday in north Sarasota.

Editorial (Florida)

Sarasota Herald Tribune
October 12, 2017

Tags: Medical-Legal Partnerships

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Manasota (FL)


The program will help bring vital medical services to an underserved community, provide physicians-in-training with real-life experience and possibly encourage graduates of the residency program to practice medicine in Sarasota or elsewhere in the region.

Some of the illnesses encountered at the clinic are driven by the stresses that affect everyone: work or unemployment; budgetary constraints; family disputes and the like. But patients in pockets of poverty may face additional health challenges caused by, say, mold in rundown apartments or inadequate access to healthy foods. At times, however, proximity to a public clinic is not enough to overcome challenges.