Using the law to stop violence—and save taxpayers money

Having a lawyer increases the chances that a victim of domestic violence can obtain a temporary protective order.

Op-Ed (Georgia)

Vicky Kimbrell
Newnan Times-Herald (GA)
October 25, 2017

Tags: Domestic Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP)


One in four women in the United States become victims of severe physical violence at the hands of their intimate partner, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Domestic violence not only has incalculable costs to the victims and their families, but to the community as well. The CDC estimates that domestic violence costs the United States over $9 billion each year in medical costs, law enforcement and social services. Georgia Legal Services has obtained millions of dollars in economic benefits for victims, and has set high goals to shape the national narrative around family violence away from victim-blaming and toward supportive, holistic, results-oriented solutions.