Hurricane Harvey creates huge need for legal aid

After an event as catastrophic as Hurricane Harvey, which destroyed property and tore apart lives, legal needs continue for years. For people already stripped of their worldly possessions, more trials are to come. That is where legal aid comes in.

Op-Ed (Texas)

Eva Guzman
Dallas Morning News
October 26, 2017

Organizations mentioned/involved: Texas Access to Justice Commission (TATJ), Texas Access to Justice Foundation (TAJF)


Local bar associations and legal-aid organizations throughout the state maintain pro bono programs that support private attorneys who volunteer their time to represent low-income Texans on a range of civil legal matters. Through these coordinated efforts, legal professionals are here to help, today and every day.

Whether disaster-related needs are long-term, short-term or somewhere in between, legal assistance can help rebuild lives. After a natural disaster, attorneys can aid with landlord-tenant questions, assist with insurance claims, and help people apply for flood insurance. Attorneys can also help an individual replace important legal documents such as IDs, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and deeds.