Residents say landlords take advantage of their undocumented status

In the aftermath of one of the nation's most destructive natural disasters, stories like those of the Rockport residents show how the region's more than half a million immigrants without legal status are often left most vulnerable.

News Story (Texas)

Lomi Kriel, Roque Planas
Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post
October 26, 2017

Tags: Disaster Recovery, Housing: Landlord-Tenant

Organizations mentioned/involved: Lone Star Legal Aid


They qualify for little in the way of state and federal aid, and many are afraid to seek help at all, fearing deportation.

Instead they largely fend for themselves, sinking deeper underground and becoming even more susceptible to abuse.

“They are the perfect victims,” said Mark Grandich, a lawyer with Lone Star Legal Aid, a Houston nonprofit. “It’s so easy to take advantage of them. You have to be able to fight for your rights, and people who aren’t documented often don’t have that ability.”