Worry And Confusion As Puerto Ricans Scramble To Apply For FEMA Aid

These are the kinds of legal issues that pop up over and over again and can complicate filling out FEMA's form. Answer one question incorrectly and an applicant's chances of getting the full aid amount could be jeopardized.

News Story (Puerto Rico)

Malaka Gharib
National Public Radio (NPR)
October 28, 2017

Tags: Disaster Recovery, Housing


As of last week, FEMA says it has registered nearly 800,000 individuals in Puerto Rico. Still, countless others in rural and hard-to-reach locations need help filling out the form before the Nov. 30 deadline.

That is why groups like Hurricane Maria Legal Assistance are taking matters into their own hands. Over the past few weeks, a team of Puerto Rican volunteers — lawyers, law professors and law students — have been traveling across the island. They answer tricky legal questions, clear up misconceptions, and follow up on existing applications. Mostly, they manually fill out FEMA forms on behalf of the survivors.