Human trafficking survivors get a highly qualified legal advocate

When Jamie Quient first asked how she, a civil litigation attorney, could help victims of human trafficking, a federal prosecutor advised her: We need lawyers.

News Story (California)

Kristina Davis
San Diego Union-Tribune
November 3, 2017

Tags: Trafficking

Organizations mentioned/involved: Free to Thrive (San Diego), American Bar Association (ABA)


Lawyers to help victims get restitution from their traffickers. Lawyers to help victims expunge criminal charges related to their abuse. Lawyers to help victims get their kids back in child custody disputes.


“Access to the legal system is a huge barrier for them, and ultimately results in other things happening, like losing custody of your kids because you don’t have a lawyer.”

The nonprofit, Free to Thrive, is the third such program to provide free legal services to human trafficking victims in California, along with programs in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.