Working out of the library, Maryland Legal Aid helps people grapple with issues only a lawyer can fix

At the Lawyer in the Library clinic, a Legal Aid attorney helped Burns scrub his record of six charges and three traffic tickets. Now he has a new job with a fitness program.

News Story (Maryland)

Yvonne Wenger
Baltimore Sun
November 16, 2017

Tags: Criminal Records, Expungement / Record Sealing, Law Libraries

Organizations mentioned/involved: Maryland Legal Aid


Legal Aid attorney Amy Petkovsek, who helps run the program, said clients leave the clinics free of problems only a lawyer could fix. Some, in tears.

“An attorney can spend five to 20 minutes with one person here and literally change a life,” Petkovsek said. “They can get a job. They can have access to housing or access to their children just with 20 minutes of an attorney’s time. That is a really big deal.”

Lawyer in the Library, part of Legal Aid’s community lawyering initiative, has served nearly 3,600 people in the last two years. Hundreds showed up for some of the early sessions, and demand remains strong: Petkovsek says the attorneys often stay longer than they planned in order to to get to everyone waiting.