The Reasons More Older Americans Are Filing for Bankruptcy

Getting out of debt this way can be a 'godsend'.

News Story (Ohio)

Tami Kamin Meyer
Next Avenue
November 16, 2017

Organizations mentioned/involved: Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA)


Ada Noda was an 80-year-old great-great grandmother when, in 2008, medical bills from her 2004 emergency open-heart surgery were more than she could ever afford. She ultimately filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Now, nine years later, the feisty widowed matriarch from St. Augustine, Fla. says her decision to do so was a “godsend.”

“I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep nights,” Noda says of the years between her operation and her bankruptcy filing. “I was independent and had always paid my bills on time.”

But, Noda says, one day, God instructed her to seek help from Legal Aid, something she had never considered before. So she called the St. Johns County Legal Aid. It was one of the best phone calls of her life, says Noda.