Eviction prevention project can help folks living 200% below poverty level

An attorney is working with people in Albany struggling with poverty and housing issues.

News Story (Georgia)

Ashley Bohle
WALB (Albany, GA)
November 19, 2017

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP)


Ahmad Crews is a private landlord/tenant attorney who wants to help those in poverty and a poor housing situation.

“Housing in Albany is pretty bad and they needed someone down here to tackle those issues,” said Crews.

He is spear-heading the private landlord and tenant part of Georgia Legal Service Program’s practice.

With the help of a grant given to all the GLSP divisions in the state, for the next two years, he’ll work with Dougherty County residents living 200 percent below poverty, and not in government housing.