Finding fairness for tenants in a way a landlord can love

Landlords save money when a tenant departs voluntarily after settling. Also, as the current system favors landlords, the Shriver program makes the eviction process fairer overall.
Op-Ed (California)

Harold Mesick
San Francisco Chronicle
November 22, 2017

Tags: Civil Right to Counsel, Housing: Eviction, Housing: Landlord-Tenant


You might think it’s strange for an attorney who primarily represents landlords to praise a program that helps tenants facing eviction. But I’ve seen firsthand how the Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act program can make landlord-tenant disputes more just.

At its best, it gives landlords their property back in good condition, often at a lower cost than an eviction. Tenants get time, space to raise grievances, and the opportunity to avoid the red flag on their record that they would risk in court. It’s transparent and fair. That’s why the program should be expanded throughout California.