New Hope for New Yorkers With Criminal Convictions

New Yorkers who have not been convicted of a crime in the past 10 years can seek to have up to two prior convictions sealed, making it easier to apply for jobs.

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Beth Fertig
November 27, 2017

Tags: Criminal Records, Expungement / Record Sealing

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City), Legal Action Center (NY)


The law was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and went into effect in October. On Monday, the Legal Aid Society launched a new pilot project with pro bono attorneys and law school students to help people get their records sealed.

Emma Goodman, a staff attorney at Legal Aid Society who is supervising the new project, said many of her clients were convicted of theft. When they look for jobs, she said employers often won’t give them a shot – even though the state prohibits such discrimination.