How civil legal aid assists older adults

Civil legal aidis a potent tool to assist vulnerable seniors in securing proper health care and housing, to protect them from physical abuse and financial exploitation, and to get access to other benefits and services to help keep them solvent.

Blog Post (Massachusetts)

Lonnie A. Powers
Huffington Post
November 29, 2017

Tags: Elder Abuse, Seniors

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC), MetroWest Legal Services (Massachusetts)


In Massachusetts and around the country, many legal services organizations have units dedicated exclusively to addressing the legal needs of the elder population. For example, Greater Boston Legal Services’ (GBLS) Elder Abuse Prevention Project, in addition to providing direct services to elder clients, provides training for care providers, community members, and seniors to raise public awareness of the forms such abuse can take. GBLS is playing a role in assisting the increasing number of elders who are falling victim to abuse by opioid addicted family members, a side effect largely overlooked until recently.