After the inferno, many Sonoma attorneys dig deep, work for free

Amid the lawsuit frenzy, a good many lawyers are stepping up to counsel fire victims for free. Clay Gantz is one who’s helped Legal Aid of Sonoma County maintain a presence at FEMA’s Local Assistance Center in the downtown Press Democrat building.

Column (California)

Chris Smith
Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA)
December 4, 2017

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Sonoma County (California)


Visitors to the FEMA center have come to Gantz and dozens of other Legal Aid volunteers with questions about insurance coverage, renters’ rights, issues related to losing jobs or livelihoods to the fires, price gouging, all manner of obstacles and problems and uncertainties.

Gantz has found that people who’ve lost their homes and are feeling their way through their new reality may be less eager for answers than to be heard.

“Sometimes, just being able to talk with someone is helpful,” the attorney said.