Study: Integrating Legal Aid With Medical Care Improves Veterans’ Lives

Veterans’ mental health and housing improved when they accessed free legal services in a Veterans Affairs facility, according to a study of veterans in Connecticut and New York City.

News Story (Connecticut, New York)

Peggy McCarthy
Hartford Courant
December 5, 2017

Tags: Medical-Legal Partnerships, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Connecticut Veterans Legal Center


The study analyzed the legal/medical partnerships between the nonprofit Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (CVLC) and VA Connecticut Healthcare and between New York Legal Assistance and two VA hospitals. It looked at free legal help given to 950 veterans from 2014 through 2016 and its effects on the mental health, housing, and income of 148 of those veterans followed closely for a year. Income improved from VA benefits, but not from employment, the study reports.

“We are really thrilled,” said Margaret Middleton, executive director of the CVLC. She said the study confirms “an anecdotal sense that we are providing real relief for our clients.”