Facing unexplained eviction, 83-year-old wages rare fight with landlord

The vast majority of tenants don't seek out an attorney and miss the hearing required before a landlord can evict, Bridge said, and the few who represent themselves typically don't know what to tell the judge.

News Story (Arizona)

Rebekah L. Sanders
Arizona Republic
December 13, 2017

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Services Inc. (Arizona)


Sometimes landlords intimidate renters into not taking action, she said. Kiser recalled she felt bullied when she received the eviction notice from management.

In other instances, landlords deceive tenants by making it sound like the hearing isn’t necessary anymore, Bridge said. But unless the case has been dismissed, tenants will lose their cases if they don’t attend the hearing or reach a settlement in writing with the landlord.

Kiser said management downplayed the importance of her hearing, but Bridge advised Kiser she needed to attend.