For too many in Oklahoma, ‘justice for all’ is a myth

The idea of “justice for all” is just that for too many Oklahomans — an idea, and not a bedrock certainty as declared in our Pledge of Allegiance. That bedrock often turns to sand for the state's poor.

Editorial (Oklahoma)

December 18, 2017

Tags: Justice for All

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Access to Justice Commission and Foundation


Evidence of this is reflected in an assessment conducted for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Access to Justice Commission. The former is a nonprofit that’s been in place since 2001 to assist low-income individuals. The commission was formed by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 2014 to try to close the existing “justice gap.”

Surveys created by the two organizations were mailed to nearly 4,500 LASO clients, and were available online. More than 940 clients responded. In addition, five focus groups with clients were held in different parts of the state. All the data was presented to professors from Oklahoma State University for their analysis, with their report submitted in August.