BYU Law Students Want To Give Utah Debtors A Fighting Chance

In Utah there are around 70,000 debt cases a year. In many circumstances, they’re for relatively small amounts, $100 to $200. But people often end up spending a lot more than that because they go through the process without any legal help.

News Story (Utah)

Lee Hale
KUER (Salt Lake City)
December 18, 2017

Tags: Debt Collection, Law Schools

Organizations mentioned/involved: Brigham Young University


A class of law students at Brigham Young University wants to change this. The group is called LawX, it’s a semester-long project led by Kimball Parker, a practicing lawyer in Salt Lake City.

“In other classes, you talk about problems and you theorize about how to solve them. But it doesn’t go anywhere past that,” says Parker. “This is probably the only class where you are actually trying to address a problem in a big way.

Parker and his nine students have been meeting twice a week in a small conference room in the BYU law building for the past few months. They’ve been trying to find a solution to what Parker calls “public enemy number one” – debt collection lawsuits.