Maine’s elderly lost $28M to financial exploitation — mostly by their grown children

Maine seniors lost about $28 million to financial exploitation between 2010 and 2016, most often perpetrated by grown children and grandchildren, according to a new report.

News Story (Maine)

Judy Harrison
Bangor Daily News
December 20, 2017

Tags: Elder Abuse

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services for the Elderly (Maine)


The report, produced by the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service, found that in more than 60 percent of reported abuse cases, the perpetrator was the victim’s adult child. The victims were more likely to be 80 or older, female and either widowed, single or divorced, the study found.

“These are ordinary Mainers,” Jaye Martin, executive director of Legal Services for the Elderly, said in the release. “They have worked hard to pay their homes off and always paid their bills on time. You can’t imagine the incredible devastation when someone has their life savings stolen — and there are quite a large number who have had their homes stolen — by someone they know and love.”