Hurricane Dolly Victims Receive FEMA Assistance 10 Years Later

The Rio Grande Valley victims of Hurricane Dolly didn't just weather the storm. They said the road to recovery involved weathering nearly a decade-long court battle.

News Story (Texas)

Jennifer Carpenter
KRGV (Rio Grande Valley, Texas)
January 5, 2018

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA)


With no insurance, Garcia turned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help. She says FEMA turned her down.

A decade later, children grown, she shows us she is still making repairs.

Her story is echoed by 23 other victims from the Valley. They spent 10 long years holding on to hope.

On Friday, aid came in from FEMA. The agency lost an 8-year legal battle against La Union Del Pueblo Entero and the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid who represented the families.