Filipina woman sues U.S. couple alleging labor trafficking

The lawsuit accuses a California couple of luring a Filipina woman into coming to the U.S. with promises of a well-paying job and green card.

News Story (California)

Chris Fuchs
NBC News
January 9, 2018

Tags: Trafficking

Organizations mentioned/involved: Asian Americans Advancing Justice — Los Angeles (Advancing Justice-LA)


Bergado was employed by the Velonza family in the Philippines, working in a cosmetics factory, and was also tasked with looking after Marlon Velonza’s mother, Felisa, court papers allege.

The complaint accuses Marlon Velonza and his wife, Nelle-Ann, of Los Angeles, of inducing Bergado to come to the U.S. by promising to triple her salary if she accompanied Felisa Velonza over in 2014 and served as her caregiver.

Once Bergado arrived in April of that year, Marlon Velonza allegedly confiscated her passport, the lawsuit said.