Wife forced to pay for abusive husband’s divorce lawyer

She was shocked further when she sought to divorce him and discovered that an obscure provision of Kentucky law required her to pay for his lawyer because as an inmate he had no means to hire an attorney.

News Story (Kentucky)

Deborah Yetter
Courier-Journal (KY)
January 10, 2018

Tags: Divorce, Domestic Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Kentucky Equal Justice Center


The matter came to light through the work of Cassie Chambers with the Kentucky Equal Justice Center, who as a legal aid lawyer was appointed to help Jeanette McCue with her divorce from her ex-husband, Michael McCue. He pleaded guilty last year to charges related to the attack.

Jeanette McCue said she was left impoverished because her ex-husband cleaned out their bank account before he left Washington County while she was being treated in the emergency room for her injuries. He was later arrested hundreds of miles away.