Buffalo Law Students See Puerto Rico Trip as Defining Moment in Their Legal Education

Most of them haven't checked into their flights to Puerto Rico yet but the students from the University at Buffalo School of Law who are providing legal services to the island's residents say their legal paths have already been changed forever as a result.

News Story (New York)

Susan DeSantis
New York Law Journal
January 18, 2018

Tags: Disaster Recovery, Law School Clinics, Law Students

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“Since I joined, my feelings and my state of mind has gone from despair and sadness to a sense of hope and purpose,” said Jonathan Reyes-Colon. “I have met wonderful people who have looked at my country as I look at it, with the same kindness, the same heart, the same willingness not only to help but to tell the world about who we are, Puerto Ricans.”

Reyes-Colon, who left Carolina, Puerto Rico, for his Buffalo education said that before Hurricane Maria his two worlds “didn’t really overlap in any significant way.” That changed when he was selected as one of 10 students to participate in the Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic.