UB law students dispensing bottled water, and legal aid, in Puerto Rico trip

One of their primary tasks will be assisting residents who were denied disaster aid with their appeals. The clinic team also will give legal guidance on accessing other benefits, employment issues, elder law and whatever other urgent circumstances arise.

News Story (New York, Puerto Rico)

Jay Tokasz
Buffalo News
January 19, 2018

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: University at Buffalo School of Law


he 10 UB students will be based in San Juan and are scheduled to accompany a Puerto Rican legal aid organization on five “brigades” to various spots on the island. In addition to their legal skills, the students will be supplying basic necessities such as bottled water and solar-powered lights to clients who need them.

The FEMA appeals are a big issue because many residents who speak and read only Spanish initially received FEMA applications that were in English. They hurriedly completed the forms without thoroughly understanding them and were then denied aid. The appeals process is even more complicated.