A Year After Reforms, Virginia Still Suspends Nearly 1 Million Driver’s Licenses For Court Debts

That's one out of every six licensed drivers in the state.

News Story (Virginia)

CJ Ciaramella
January 24, 2018
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Tags: Court Debt, Driver's license suspension


Last February, the Virginia court system announced big changes to its rules to keep poor residents from having their driver’s licenses suspended simply because of their inability to pay court fines and fines. But a year later, nearly 1 million Virginians—one out of every six licensed drivers in the state—still have suspended licenses for unpaid court debts, according to a new report released Wednesday.

“It appears that these reforms have done little, if anything, to stem the breathtaking current of Virginians losing their licenses,” the report by the Legal Aid Justice Center, a Virginia-based legal aid group, concludes.