Brooklyn landlord tried to boot Latino tenants, demanded to know their immigration status: lawsuit

Current and former residents at two Sunset Park buildings are looking to bring Adel Eskander’s years of alleged discrimination to a halt with the class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

News Story (New York)

Edgar Sandoval, Ginger Adams Otis, Andrew Keshner
New York Daily News
January 23, 2018

Tags: Housing: Discrimination, Housing: Eviction, Minorities: Racial/Ethnic


The landlord “thinks white people would pay market rate. He can make a lot more money if we all leave,” Silva said. When he moved in back in 1990, Silva said, there were many Latino tenants. “Now I’m one of the few.”

The tenants’ Legal Aid Society lawyers say the landlord should have learned his lesson by now.

The suit said in 2003, Latino tenants sued Eskander for discrimination. The case ended with an agreement in which Eskander and the entities linked to him would stop asking tenants of one building to show proof of legal U.S. residence.