Our view: Equal justice — for those who can afford it

We have two legal systems in our country — one for people who can afford lawyers, the other for those who can’t. We all may live under the same laws, but this dichotomy casts a pall over any pretense of equal justice.

Editorial (Massachusetts)

Gloucester Daily Times (MA)
January 28, 2018

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC)


While economically expedient, legal aid funding also fulfills our obligation to the ideal of equal justice first uttered in ancient Greece and now inscribed above the Greek columns that support the pediment of the U.S. Supreme Court. Just as Clarence Earl Gideon had his day in court, so should those who’ve been wronged by other individuals or their government.

In remarks prepared for last week’s gathering on Beacon Hill, Gants noted, “I am hardly the first to observe that the true measure of a nation’s greatness is how it treats its most vulnerable residents. The same holds true for a commonwealth.”