D.C. rapid re-housing: In need of improvement, or the end of the road?

Rapid re-housing is one of the District’s most criticized homeless-services programs.

News Story (District of Columbia)

Lilah Burke
Street Sense (DC)
January 26, 2018

Tags: Housing: Homelessness


Witnesses testified to D.C. Council for over six hours at the public-oversight roundtable in December. As the city’s affordable-housing crisis intensifies, the debate over the program is reaching a head between those who think it has been wrongly maligned and those who think it has failed.

“The families in the D.C. rapid re-housing program have been set up to fail,” attorney Max Tipping wrote in a May 2017 Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless report. When he testified at the Dec. 14 roundtable, he referred to the housing instability of recipients as an “open secret.”