Expungement Law Helps Human Trafficking Victims Move Forward

A new California law which vacates and erases nonviolent offenses committed by victims of human trafficking offered her and others a fresh start.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Bianca Bruno
Courthouse News Service
February 2, 2018

Tags: Criminal Records, Expungement / Record Sealing, Trafficking

Organizations mentioned/involved: Brooklyn Law School, Free to Thrive (San Diego)


San Diego County has so far seen three vacatur petitions granted, among the first in the state whose law is touted as a “model” for others looking to enact or amend vacatur laws for human trafficking survivors. California is one of a few states which not only vacates trafficking survivors’ prostitution charges, but also clears drug, theft and other nonviolent convictions if the person is found to have been victim of human trafficking when the crime occurred.

Jamie Quient, attorney and founder of San Diego nonprofit Free to Thrive which offers free legal services to human trafficking survivors, said it makes sense to vacate nonviolent crimes that are committed as a direct result of the trafficked person’s victimization.