Vets receiving help with legal issues have improved mental health, less homelessness

Proposed legislation in Congress would allow the VA to further study the broader impact of these partnerships.

News Story (Connecticut)

Julia Bergman
February 11, 2018

Tags: Housing: Homelessness, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Connecticut Veterans Legal Center


“It’s possible that legal help could be a low-cost way to reduce homelessness and improve mental health,” said Margaret Middleton, a co-author of the study and executive director of the center.

The Homeless Veterans Prevention Act would allow organizations like Middleton’s to provide civil legal aid at no cost to homeless and low-income vets with mental illness. The bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who said that “for vulnerable veterans, access to expert legal services within the VA could mean the difference between a safe, stable home and homelessness.”