Defunding Legal Services Corp., per Trump’s wishes, would cut almost $4 million from local legal aid groups

Legal aid groups once again face a potential budget slashing as part of a recent proposal by President Donald Trump at a time when their resources are already stretched thin.

News Story (Ohio)

Jeremy Nobile
Crain’s Cleveland Business
February 14, 2018

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Community Legal Aid (Central Northeast Ohio), Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


While local legal aid groups are emboldened by the support from lawmakers that came last year, a new push for defunding of the LSC has rekindled worries of how their programs could serve the needy should their funding be slashed.

“I think it remains to be seen what will happen, but we can look to last year, hopefully, as a guide post that there is strong bipartisan support to keep the LSC funded,” said Melanie Shakarian, a spokesperson for The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.