Idaho Legal Aid needs and deserves help from the state of Idaho

House Bill 532 lays the groundwork for doing what 47 other states are already doing for their people.

Op-Ed (Idaho)

Jim Jones
Idaho Press Tribune
February 16, 2018

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Idaho Legal Aid Services


Idaho Legal Aid Services provides a legal lifeline to low-income Idahoans with serious legal problems, including domestic violence, abuse and neglect of children, and elder abuse. It is Idaho’s largest non-profit law firm, with offices located around the state. The dedicated work of Legal Aid is strongly supported by Idaho’s lawyers and judges.

Last year, the Idaho legal and judicial community commended Legal Aid for providing almost 20,000 hours of free legal services to thousands of Idahoans. Even though this is an impressive amount of legal help, it barely scratches the surface of the need that exists in our good state.