After ‘Me Too,’ women want justice. Lawyers have bad news for them.

Despite the torrent of attention being paid to sexual harassment and discrimination, the legal system in place to respond to related claims has not changed. Many have been inspired to seek legal action only to learn that it’s probably too late to file a lawsuit.

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Jessica Contrera
Washington Post
February 4, 2018

Tags: Employment, Sexual Harassment, Workers Rights

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), Gender Justice (Saint Paul)


Others are coming to attorneys seeking the swift consequences being dealt out to men in the public eye, and they are learning instead that in most cases, speaking up is just the first step in a difficult process that can last months or years — with no guarantee of a resolution.

“Attention to the issue always helps, but there is no silver bullet, no overnight change where suddenly this becomes easy,” says Emily Martin, general counsel for the National Women’s Law Center.