Problems continue with state investigation of nursing home complaints, report says

From 2015 through 2017, nursing-home inspectors dismissed 85 percent of complaints against Philadelphia nursing homes as unsubstantiated, just a small improvement from the previous three-year period.

News Story (Pennsylvania)

Harold Brubaker
Philadelphia Inquirer
February 22, 2018

Tags: Nursing Homes

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Services (CLS) of Philadelphia


At the same time, the inspectors appear to have taken a more rigorous approach to annual licensing surveys. From 2012 though 2014, they found an average of 2.5 violations per annual survey. That figure jumped to 6.25 in 2016 and 7.8 in 2017, Brooks found.

“If you look at some of these robust annual investigations, they are finding quality-of-care violations, and really getting into the nitty-gritty, so they’re capable of it. The disparity between the complaint investigation and the annual surveys is remarkable.” Brooks said in an interview Wednesday.