Legal Aid ready to assist victims affected by Conn disability scam

As investigators continue to determine which cases were fraudulent and which were not, the Social Security office has told many of Conn’s clients they may lose their Social Security benefits.

News Story (Kentucky, West Virginia)

Tomas Kassahun
West Virginia Record
March 21, 2018

Tags: Consumer Protection, Disability Benefits

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of West Virginia (LAWV)


“What we are looking at is can we find evidence to show that the person who had been represented by Conn in fact was disabled,” said Bruce Perrone, senior lawyer with Legal Aid of West Virginia. “Can we prove that now? Sometimes that can be very difficult years and years later, but we can find the evidence now to show that they in fact were disabled.”

Perrone said it could be especially difficult to prove the clients’ case if Conn burned up the evidence. In some cases, however, Perrone said it may be possible to go back to the original doctor and collect evidence that can help the people who are actually disabled.