When ICE Tries to Deport Americans, Who Defends Them?

For decades, U.S. citizens have been deported repeatedly, in isolated cases and en masse, due to racism and bureaucratic indifference, as well as the complexity of federal immigration laws.

News Story (New York)

Steve Coll
New Yorker
March 21, 2018

Tags: Deportation

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City)


Department of Homeland Security regulations require ice and other immigration officers to investigate any detainee’s claim of citizenship or to probe independently when the evidence suggests a detainee might be an American. The Justice Department, which houses the country’s immigration courts, funds a program to promote detainees’ access to pro-bono counsel and to information about their rights, but it stops short of funding individual representation for those who cannot afford it. Clearly, that program and the D.H.S. regulations do not work well enough to keep all citizens out of jeopardy.