Homeless Advocates: “America Is Experiencing an Eviction Epidemic”

Writing that evictions have reached "crisis levels," the report's authors point out that local or national data on evictions can be hard to come by.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Heidi Groover
Stranger (WA)
March 26, 2018

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Housing: Homelessness

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP)


According to the report, a study from the rental website Apartment List showed that 3.7 million American renters have experienced eviction in their lifetimes. A Chicago study found 72 percent of those appearing in court for evictions were black and 62 percent were women. Another study in Philadelphia found that 70 percent were nonwhite women. Renters of color pay more for housing, are shown fewer rental units, and are quoted higher prices, according to the report.