Kentucky Attempted To Kill Legal Aid Funding — We Should All Be Terrified

Kentucky's broken the taboo against eliminating legal aid funding -- expect things to get even worse around the country.

Column (Kentucky)

Joe Patrice
Above the Law
April 18, 2018

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Kentucky Legal Aid (KLA), Kentucky Access to Justice Commission (KAJC), Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


While these devastating cuts to critical legal services didn’t completely finish the job, there’s reason to worry about next year’s budget. Governor Matt Bevin has publicly called for gutting the legal aid budget and now it’s a key pillar of his “brand.” With the Senate, whose budget proposed eliminating funding entirely, and Governor opposed to legal aid, it’s hard to imagine this doesn’t come up again next year when they’re looking for another symbolic cut. The moral is, Kentucky’s poor should expect to take significant hits going forward.