Legal aid lawyer sounds warning on Medicaid cut for working families

Sheldon Toubman says he is lending voice to the voiceless.

News Story (Connecticut)

Mary O’Leary
New Haven Register
April 22, 2018

Tags: Health Care, Medicaid

Organizations mentioned/involved: New Haven Legal Assistance Association (CT)


Toubman, an attorney with New Haven Legal Assistance Association and a longtime advocate for low-income families, said there is no movement in the legislature to assist some 13,300 individuals due to lose funding for Medicaid coverage.

He said it is unlikely they will be able to afford the premiums, deductibles and cost-sharing required of insurance through Access Health, the state’s exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

“They are all working folks, they are all low-income. They are all struggling to try to support their families and they are all going to lose their health insurance on Jan. 1 unless the legislature, before the end of the session, which is May 9, does something to undo that,” Toubman said.