Senators, ask Dr. Ronny Jackson about civil legal aid for homeless vets

As someone who works with vulnerable veterans every day, I’m concerned that amid all the controversial issues sure to arise at his hearing a little-known but highly effective tool for veterans’ well-being will be omitted: civil legal aid.


Hill, The
April 24, 2018

Tags: Housing: Homelessness, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Connecticut Veterans Legal Center


Civil legal aid combats homelessness, improves health outcomes and supports families through times of stress. Civil legal aid also helps veterans fight for the VA benefits they’ve earned — oversight that becomes more necessary in times of turnover and change at the agency.

The civil justice system covers a wide range of issues: divorces and child custody disputes, consumer debt, landlord-tenant disputes and more. Many of us will face these challenges in our lifetimes, but for a subset of veterans who are especially vulnerable, they can be devastating, financially and emotionally.