Trans People in Wisconsin File Lawsuit Against Federal Government After Being Denied Health Care

Ten states are violating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by denying transition-related coverage to trans people, but two Wisconsin residents are fighting back.

News Story (NATIONAL, Wisconsin)

Kate Sosin Oeser
May 1, 2018

Tags: Health Care, LGBTQ, Medicaid

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Health Law Program (NHeLP), Transgender Law Center


“I think many exclusions like Wisconsin’s were enacted many years ago, and they’ve just been on the books, and it may not even be that the states are enforcing them uniformly,” says Abbi Coursolle, senior attorney at the National Health Law Program, which is representing Flack and Makenzie.

According to the complaint, Flack has identified as a boy since age 5 and started his transition at age 18. DHS denied Flack coverage for gender-affirming surgery, which his doctors prescribed as medically necessary.